Nov 15, 2021

Credit Card Authorization

November 15, 2021 -- In an effort to further improve credit card security for our guests, Ƶ—including its locations in Maine, Michigan, Montana, New Hampshire, and Tennessee, is upgrading to a more advanced and secure card processing network. 

A step in the upgrade process known as Token Conversion validates credit cards currently on file as they are migrated to the new network and most banking institutions do not process this as an authorization.   We recently learned that some banking institutions do run this as an authorization and in this case, guests may see this reflected as a $0.00 charge from Boyne Mountain in a credit card statement.  The referenced step began Friday, November 12 and concludes on Tuesday, November 16, 2021. 

Guests can be assured that this is not fraudulent activity, nor reason to cancel the credit card.  The credit card and guest profile information held by Ƶ is secure and protection is being maintained. Our intentions are to continuously enhance the security of our data and apologize for any concern this may cause for guests.